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Paws for Death
Randi Sterling Mystery #2

Paws for Death

Now Available in eBook

on the cusp of turning thirty, San Diego vet-tech Randi Sterling yearns to heal her wounded family relationships, but when her mother barges into her life unannounced, bringing her yappy, spoiled little dog with her, and forcing her new-found passion for dog agility upon her, Randi finds herself biting her tongue and keeping her feelings leashed.

Things get worse when her mother's best friend drops dead competing on course for an important agility championship, and her mother pressures Randi to investigate her death. Randi agrees, but soon finds out all is not what it seems with her mother and her motives.

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Rode to Death
Randi Sterling Mystery #1

Rode to Death

Finalist in the 2015 San Diego Book Awards—Best Published Mystery, Sisters In Crime Award category

"A suspenseful tale that will keep you
reading late in to the night."

   —Shelley K. Wall, author of "Chloe's Secret"

Equine journalist Randi Sterling bonds easily with the horses she writes about, it's men she has a hard time trusting. When she receives a proposition from Jaydee Hill, her charismatic college flame, to move to his ranch in California's wealthy enclave of Rancho del Zorro, desire and curiosity win her mental coin toss. Soon after she arrives at the ranch, she stumbles upon Jaydee's bride, dead in a champion stallion's stall and her fingerprints are on the murder weapon. Can Randi solve this crime before she becomes the killer's next victim?

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